by Lisa C. Melbourne on August 20, 2020 at 9:41 A.M.

Yesterday, President Trump responded to questions from a mainstream news reporter about the peaceful Patriot movement known as QANON.

There was nothing random about the long-awaited question.

The story is breaking because Hillary Clinton ordered it.

Clinton ordered the MSM thrust QANON into the mainstream news because Daily Beast set the stage for an orchestrated False Flag event, which intelligence analysts believe, will follow.

The staged/orchestrated False Flag will be blamed on QANON and President Trump.

Here’s the timeline that led to the Q question.

On August 4, 2020 Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS published – – – BREAKING!!! Hillary Clinton’s (former) bodyguard Craig Sawyer (V4CR) threatens Timothy Holmseth

On August 4, 2020 Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS published – – –EMERGENCY!!! NEARLY 600 KIDS JUST VANISHED IN ARIZONA


On August 6, 2020 Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS published – – – Hillary’s Bodyguard EXPOSED- Domestic Terror Group and Death Squads Identified

On August 15, 2020 Daily Beast published – – – QAnon Promotes Pedo-Ring Conspiracy Theories. Now They’re Stealing Kids

On August 16, 2020 Daily Beast published Part 2 entitled – – – QAnon Incited Her to Kidnap Her Son and Then Hid Her From the Law

On August 16, 2020 Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS published – – – “We are all going to hang from nooses” Bruce Springsteen KNEW

On August 18, 2020 Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS published – – – FORBES: Did President Trump lure Hillary Clinton into a TRAP?!?! [CHILD PORN] [TRAFFICKING]



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7 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton FORCED MSM to ask Trump about QANON

  1. For some time now, it has been said that a new and really violent Deep State false flag event will occur before the election that will be blamed on “Q” believers. I expect it WILL happen and that it will be worse than this, with many lives lost if it can be arranged. There is need to keep the hate juices flowing, the chaos going and the pre election Trump lashing current.

    Since Portland/local officials have cut/hobbled city police and sinisterly decided not to prosecute the vast majority whom local/State police arrest (predictably leading to those forces being withdrawn), and since, spittle flying, they have sought to blame on the feds rather than openly violent DNC funded criminals from Antifa/BLM, the most vile of terror acts are virtually guaranteed in Portland. And it’s all the better if such acts can be trumped up as being anti Semitic. I have never voted R in my 50 years of voting but have been a daily watcher of Q since its inception, as have others, regardless of party loyalty, who have educated themselves and cannot unknow that the Deep State/New World Order agenda is financed with, not just drugs and weapons rat lines, but with the lives of millions of humans/children who have for decades/generations been trafficked, drained of their blood and ripped open for their organs.

    These national/international monsters are fighting for their very lives against those seeking to end their bloody reign, and a synagogue filled with Jewish people will be, like the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 just another of their bloody little offerings to their Satanic God. When the really BIG ONE of the planned terrorist events is perpetrated soon in Portland or elsewhere, it will not be Trump or Q followers seeking justice for annihilated children and adults who are at fault. It will be local and State government officials (who have been blinded “liberal” voter enabled), loyalists in their political party’s agendas, who will for all intents and purposes have worked hand in molotov cocktail holding glove with the Deep State’s Antifa/BLM paramilitary forces, recruited for years, trained, funded, equipped, and bused/flown to selected targets for destruction.

    1. CK – Hal Turner believes Sept 1 (based on Turkish travel restrictions “leaked” out). Perhaps the French air-air ‘live’ missile found in Tampa the other day is a wake-up call. This is a time of great peril like non other.. as a prepper , I’m constantly anguish’n that I haven’t done enough… certainly praying a lot more, especially for 45

  2. We must keep praying. If this deep state does happen and the media blames it on the QANON movement, we must pray that the majority of the public will see through the deception.

  3. ? and ? everywhere and we are praying to our Almighty God. They will not carry out ANY nefarious FF at the expense of anymore AMERICANS! In Jesus’s HOLY NAME all PRINCIPALITIES and POWERS are rendered null and void! We render them deaf dumb and useless by the power of Jesus Christ! Amen!

  4. The future may look bad, but it doesnt have to be. Mr. Holmseth desperately needs to find out who are his true friends/fans and trust them, but be his own shot caller. That means making many hard choices for the benefit of his family and himself. He needs to discard anyone with “impossible” ideas. Everyone knows who they are. Too easy to spot. Stop, spot and think.

  5. just want to let you know all the the assassins used their middle names, it was a way to confirm they were working for the deep state.

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