Dave Yost, Ohio AG Reply to Holmseth and Erickson

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on October 29, 2022 – USA

Law enforcement in Indiana has announced an arrest that is ‘connected’ to the unsolved double-murder of Abigail Williams and Liberty German in Delphi, Indiana.

Recent events regarding a story about child pornography and a photo of a naked little girl (possibly a corpse) coming out of the State of Ohio, has given rise to speculation that the Ohio Attorney General’s Office may be connected to the recent developments in the Delphi, Indiana case.

The evidence being examined by the Attorney General in Ohio has also been delivered to Cleveland FBI, Jacksonville FBI, and RICO Attorney Steve S. Biss, Virginia.

The evidence has also been delivered to President Donald J. Trump and his attorneys due to extended matters of National Security and TOP SECRET military programs involving crimes against children.

Timothy Charles Holmseth, an investigative journalist from Minnesota, began investigating the Delphi murders after he identified multiple individuals he believed may be involved.

Holmseth was deemed a credible witness by the FBI in 2009 when he assisted in their investigation into the disappearance of five-year-old HaLeigh Cummings, Florida.

Holmseth identified an FBI agent named John Regan (convicted sex offender) who told the mother’s legal team’s victim’s advocate that the “FBI already has HaLeigh” and that he (John Regan) is an “undercover pedophile for the FBI”. Holmseth learned FBI Agent Regan was involved in taking naked photos of HaLeigh, including her vagina. In 2020, Holmseth observed a very famous FBI agent who has been working on the U.S.-Mexico border – the FBI agent has been on Oprah, Fox News, and major media – Holmseth realized he was actually John Regan using a DIFFERNT NAME.

You can hear a member of HaLeigh’s mother’s legal team describe the naked photos to Holmseth by clicking here – – –NEW FBI EVIDENCE MAY SOLVE MISSING CHILD CASE IN FLORIDA

Investigative journalist and FBI witness Timothy Charles Holmseth holds up his book in front of the Delphi, Indiana city sign.


On October 14, 2022, the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission, which is chaired by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, contacted Randi Lynn Erickson and Timothy Charles Holmseth to acknowledge receipt of evidence they (Holmseth/Erickson) submitted to the Ohio Attorney General and Cleveland FBI.

The evidence included a photograph of a vagina (no face) on a small female with small hips and no pubic hair – with seemingly strange bruising – possibly a corpse. The photo had been texted to Randi Erickon, unsolicited, by a sadistic sexual predator and rapist from Ohio named Alexandria Goddard. 

Goddard is a rapist who co-hosts a program called ‘Crime and Scandal’ with a man from Dover, Tennessee named Levi Page. Page is a close media-associate of Nancy Grace. Page and Goddard publicly laugh about torturing children.

It was clear Goddard was attempting to plant the photo of the vagina onto Erickson’s phone as part of a larger plan involving multiple co-conspirators, to frame Erickson and Holmseth.

The identity of the small female has not been identified by Holmseth or Erickson (although law enforcement’s efforts are not public).

Holmseth reports he has uncovered an international crime syndicate that kidnaps and murders children – sometimes in satanic rituals.

The child trafficking syndicate has tried everything within their power to stop Holmseth’s reporting, including the creation of a photo comparison to make Holmseth appear to be the suspect.

In June 2021, John Taylor, Virgina, a media colleague of FBI impersonator William Murtaugh, Goddard, and Page, announced he called the Chief of Police in Delphi, Indiana.

fbi pulled a fast one on the public


Taylor said he talked to the Police Chief about investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth.

“I spoke to the Delphi police chief for an hour. This guy was so pissed off. And they don’t even handle that murder case. But that’s their town. And to have this asshole (Timothy Holmseth) muddying up, ya know, accusing Murt (William K. Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida) of being involved in the murder,” Taylor said.

During Taylor’s bizarre rant he suggested that Holmseth is going to be arrested for reporting on the Delphi case. Taylor said there are “pending felonies” in “Indiana” and “those cops in Delphi are pissed”.

Taylor said the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana and FBI are handling the Delphi murder case.

Taylor said the Sheriff and/or FBI can now go to a judge and have Holmseth arrested for “obstruction”. Taylor’s assertion that Holmseth can be arrested for “obstruction” and ‘interfering with a murder case’ is a regular theme for Taylor when he calls into You Tube programs.


DEVELOPMENT: Delphi Police Chief receives telephone call from man with voice that sounds like suspect

The following article provides a very comprehensive view of the trafficking syndicate Holmseth uncovered. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation alerted to organized kidnapping in Summer Wells case


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