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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on March 24, 2023 – USA

On March 23, 2023, we reported, “FBI-CIA OPERATION CHAOS IN PIERCE COUNTY, WISCONSIN [EVIDENCE COMING OUT] – (FIELD AND DENISE MCCONNELL)“. The story was comprised of a release by Timothy Charles Holmseth on GAB social that set forth details of a CIA-FBI Tier One Operation on American soil which is running a domestic assassination program against multiple targets.

One of the targets is Randi Lynn Erickson, Minnesota.

Randi Lynn Erickson

Randi Lynn Erickson holds, and/or has held, the following credentials and positions in the State of Minnesota:

1. Deputized / County Recorder and Registrar of Titles
2. Appointed / Administrative Tribunal Judge aka Special Board of Review -Chairman of the Board
3. Commissioned / Notary Public
4. Licensed / Abstractor – Insured – Florida Real Estate Broker
5. Elected / Supervisor aka City Council Member
6. Vetted Annually / FBI – State of Florida – State of Minnesota – Fingerprinted

The informational release by Holmseth explains a fact-pattern involving a CIA-FBI operation called “Operation Chaos” that used mass publication and multiple operatives to spread a false story that Randi Erickson attempted to “steal” the property of Field McConnell, Pierce County, Wisconsin. The story is being pushed by FBI-CIA operative William Kevin Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida, and Paula C Blades, Canada, among others.

The March 23, 2023, release by Holmseth said court records show Randi Lynn Erickson actually assisted the McConnell’s Power of Attorney, Phil Roberts, Plum City, Wisconsin, to navigate a situation where the McConnell’s were about ready to lose their farm.

The story said in part:


Court records show that in 2019 Randi Lynn Erickson graciously assisted Field McConnell’s friend and Power of Attorney, Phil Roberts, as well as Mary Roberts, who held Power of Attorney for Field McConnell’s wife Denise McConnell, to STOP a court foreclosure process on their respective Principal(s) that was about to result in Field and Denise McConnell losing their farm.

Records show Randi Erickson explained to Phil Roberts how to enter Denise McConnell’s Marital and Homestead Rights into the court records, where, as Field McConnell’s wife, Denise McConnell could then have the opportunity to cure the Default of the Mortgage, Taxes, and Insurance.

Records show Phil Roberts did as Randi Erickson advised and his efforts were successful as the Judge ruled in favor of Denise McConnell’s now-established rights and granted an additional three (3) months to cure the Default. The Order was dated December 23, 2019.

There was a second problem for the McConnell’s.

Denise McConnell was experiencing great hardship because her husband Field McConnell was in jail, and she (Denise McConnell) had no access to her husband’s money which would be required to pay back-taxes, home insurance, and the delinquent balance on the Mortgage.

Out of the goodness of her heart and absolutely no benefit to herself, Randi Erickson offered a 0% loan for two years while Field McConnell was in jail, so the McConnell’s could pay the approximate $65,000 until Field McConnell was released from jail and could take care of his affairs. As it turned out no loan was made.

On December 23, 2019, Denise McConnell thanked Randi Erickson.


For more on that release click here.


In April 2019, Field McConnell began to have problems regarding his farm property in Plum City, Wisconsin and was facing foreclosure.

Field McConnell’s personal choices found him in a desperate situation because both the bank and federal government were, essentially, taking Field McConnell’s property. Field McConnell owed $41,774.04 to the bank, which, if paid, would cure the Default.

However, Field McConnell did not cure the original Default, whereupon the bank was moved into third position, because the Government always gets paid first. Therefore – Field McConnell eventually ended up owing a total of some $514,596.56.

NOTE: Field McConnell’s problems were horribly exasperated because he had irresponsibly given Power of Attorney to a woman from Indiana named Carol (Isaacs Keihn) who was stupid and utterly useless. Court records show Keihn appeared in Pierce County in court and asserted that she was representing Field McConnell. The Judge was clearly frustrated with Keihn.

Carol Keihn talked to Randi Lynn Erickson and referenced political activist Juan O’Savin (fake name) and documents she (Keihn) was using from online associated with Juan O’Savin.

We are now going to show you several documents that prove Randi Erickson saved the McConnell’s from their desperate situation.

Randi Lynn Erickson knew that once you claim Homestead (i.e., Homestead Act) the federal government cannot take your property.

The bank can take your property, however because there is a Contract (aka Mortage/Note).

In the screenshot below you will see a document called COMPLAINT filed May 23, 2019. You will see the Defendant is FIELD MCCONNELL. You will note there are no other Defendants. Complaint

On August 1, 2019, the Plaintiff against Field McConnell added the unknown wife of Field McConnell. The Plaintiff did not know the name of Field McConnell’s wife, so service would be done by publication.

Randi Lynn Erickson navigated the McConnell’s through this problem.

Here’s how Randi Erickson saved the McConnell’s.

In the screenshot below you will see a handwritten affidavit that was drafted in the Pierce County, Wisconsin courthouse on December 19, 2019. Phils affidavit re Denise

NOTE: At that time Field McConnell was in the Pierce County jail. McConnell was in jail due to his own decisions, choices, and courses of action he chose on his own against the advice of Timothy Charles Holmseth who warned McConnell “you can beat the rap – but you can’t beat the ride”. McConnell simply grinned. Timothy Charles Holmseth called Juan O’Savin (recorded call) shortly after Field McConnell was arrested, because Holmseth wanted to discuss how to get McConnell released. Juan O’Savin told Holmseth that he (O’Savin) had cautioned McConnell about his behavior on his Web radio show. O’Savin told Holmseth that McConnell was going to be found guilty by a jury. O’Savin said McConnell was guilty.

The affidavit was drafted on a blank piece of paper handed to Phil Roberts (Field McConnell’s Power of Attorney) by the County Recorder. Randi Lynn Erickson, an expert, was physically present, and told Phil Roberts what to write. Roberts had no clue otherwise. Erickson showed Roberts how and why to add Field McConnell’s wife, Denise McConnell, to the case, because Denise McConnell had marital and homestead rights, but she had not been named as a Defendant and she had not been served. There was absolutely no advantage, benefit, or gain by Erickson to assist Roberts or the McConnell’s other than she is a kind and helpful person. Randi Erickson wrote the heading of the legal document on the blank piece of paper, and the language regarding the Notary whereupon the Notary in the courthouse Notarized the document.

In the next screenshot you will see the judge GRANTED an extension of six month because Denise McConnell was added as Field McConnell’s wife. That is EXACTLY what Randi Lynn Erickson showed Phil Roberts how to do. Court File Dockets


Paula C. Blades, Canada, and FBI-CIA William Kevin Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida, among others, are executing an EXTORTION plot against Randi Lynn Erickson and Timothy Charles Holmseth in violation of state and federal laws in multiple jurisdictions.

Paula C. Blades publicly claims to be the Spokesperson for Field McConnell.

Paula C. Blades is publicly stating, on behalf of Field McConnell, that Randi Erickson tried to “steal” McConnell’s property.

Randi Erickson is a targeted federal plaintiff that escrowed hard evidence of crimes against humanity and human trafficking that was filed into the U.S. Court that implicates U.S. Presidents and world leaders. The evidence pertained to Congressional Auditor Christopher Edward Hallett who was assassinated in his Florida home on November 15, 2020. Timothy Holmseth filed Holmseth v. Page et al – 3:22-cv-00912 – RICO – Middle District of Tennessee which details the Tier One Operations and domestic assassination program.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office in Ellsworth, Wisconsin presently has information that a shadowy group of people appear to have taken over Field McConnell’s life and property. It appears McConnell may be acting against his own will. Sheriff Chad Koranda said the situation is complex and said he has assigned investigators.

Timothy Charles Holmseth published the following on Truth Social today.



I’m confirming Pierce County Sheriff Chad Koranda received a report that a group of people orchestrated Field McConnell’s early release from Probation, while simultaneously, the same group began a campaign, months in advance, to launch a radio program featuring Field McConnell. Paula C. Blades, Canada, who says she works with “military” in the U.S., is advertising that McConnell is going to take back things he reported about child trafficking. McConnell appears tortured.



2019 – 12 – 10 Notice of Hearing on Fields House

570377 Fed Tax Lien

587578 Revocation of LPOA

587580 LPOA

A570075 Mtg

A585200 NLP


amended complaint


Court File Dockets

Phils affidavit re Denise

Proposed Order on sale of propertyk




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