PROJECT QUANTUM: Field McConnell Update: The bankrupt United States ended in 1999 – Florida Chads – Foreign Vessel in Dry Dock

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 31, 2019 at 8:29 P.M.

Do you know why U.S. Marine and Boeing Whistleblower Field McConnell is being held in Pierce County, Wisconsin with absolutely no semblance of Constitutional rights?


He doesn’t have any.

Why, you ask?

Because he is a prisoner of a foreign power (Prisoner of War).

Is he the first prisoner of war?


I was.

I was imprisoned in Polk County, Minnesota under absurd criminal charges that I published names and information about a child sex trafficking operation being run through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

Everything I was charged with violated the First Amendment.

I didn’t have any rights on that Foreign Vessel in Dry Dock.

The prosecutor, a foreign agent, stated in a legal brief that I was associated with ‘Q Anon’ and President Trump.

I was considered an enemy of that foreign power because of my affiliation with President Trump.

I got away.


I refused to return to the Polk County Justice Center which is actually a ‘Foreign Vessel in Dry Dock’ that only has jurisdiction for 12 miles from the vessel.

How did all this happen?

How did we get here?

Here’s how.

The United States ended in 1999 – but New World Order extremists suckered the American People out of their Constitutional Republic using a huge distraction and magic show at the United States Supreme Court surrounding the 2000 Presidential Election – commonly known as the ‘hanging chads’ event in Florida during the Bush v. Gore case?

Why did the United States end, you ask?

Why doesn’t Field McConnell (or any of us) have any Constitutional rights?

Russell-Jay: Gould explained.

The last recorded international bankruptcy was on October 29, 1929. International moratoriums on bankruptcies run 70 years. Which took us to November 2, 1999, Gould said.

So, what happened?

Here’s what happened.

Russell-Jay: Gould and David-Wynn: Miller knew what was happening – they knew what to do – and they did it.


“On August 12, 1999 we filed copyrights on Title 4, 101.9 dimension flags. Title 4 Section one, two, and three, in quantum grammar, on mechanics of how the flag would be. We filed that at the United Nations and we filed it with the United States Postal Service – the reason why we filed it with the United States Postal Service is because the Post Offices worldwide authorize each country’s government – each country’s banking system each country’s military,” Gould said.

Russell-Jay: Gould with his American Flag

“The flag was claimed by my partner David-Wynn: Miller and myself,” Gould said.

“The United States was coming out of Bankruptcy, so we filed on the flag, and then they had to vacate the guidelines which was the Constitution of the United States and the Articles and the Bill of Rights,” Gould said.

“What that means is the federal government had to physically vacate the District of Columbia, and the Trustee for that was the President of the United States. But, because the guidelines were null and void, which were the guidelines to elect a Trustee, which was the President, they can then vacate the District of Columbia, which was the 2000 election – the ‘Florid Chads,” Gould said.

“They vacated the Trusteeship which means the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights went bye-bye. They are no longer. So you can’t go into court and use those concepts because they will laugh at you and lock you up,” Gould said.

Gould continued.

“They had everybody looking at the Florida Chads – what they weren’t telling you was they slid it in to a foreign vessel in dry dock and made a determination at the U.S. Supreme Court was that the U.S. Supreme Court was the chief location under yellow fringe flag – to direct and fool the people so the People would only look at the Supreme Court. Now you got to remember the United States Supreme Court can only give you an opinion – they cannot give you a fact – no Law or Facts should be tried in court – what that is, is you can’t put your facts on trial in court; only put the condition of mind on trial,” Gould said.

Our government is not operating under the Constitution of the United States.

We are under Martial Law.

This is a developing series.



Field McConnell is “cargo” on a foreign vessel in dry dock – RUSSELL-JAY; GOULD owns the Title 4 American flag

Pierce County Sheriff intercepts documents from Poster Master General that will FREE kidnapped U.S. Marine Field McConnell


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