HOLY SHIT! – $750,000 wire fraud scam using President Trump, General Flynn and Epstein?

Pentagon task force holy shit $ 500 wire scam using president trump, espionage, espionage.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 3, 2020 at 12:21 P.M.

Updated by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 4, 2020 at 12:48 P.M.

The Canadian man who touts evidence on Jeffrey Epstein’s $68 Billion relationship with the Toronto Union Bank, and, who has become deeply enmeshed in the Deep State kidnapping of Field McConnell, has been caught in a very serious lie about a very large amount of money.

And it appears the Interstate Wire Fraud involves a scheme where the fight against child trafficking and pedophilia is used by fraudsters who touted big names like President Trump, General Flynn, and Jeffrey Epstein.

Follow me – I’ll explain.

On February 23, 2020 Field McConnell, 70, Wisconsin, as result of a strongly contested extradition from Wisconsin, arrived in Florida and was booked into the Broward County Jail.

Then this happened…

Three days later…

On February 26, 2020, a man from Canada named Gerald who Field McConnell has known for eight years, and who appears as a semi regular guest on McConnell’s You Tube program ABEL DANGER, abruptly took to his You Tube channel called Agent Margaritaville; addressed me by my first and last name, and launched into a tirade (feigned outrage)  of utterly ridiculous and bizarre accusation against me (Timothy Charles Holmseth) wherein he alleged I raised $750,000 for The Children’s Crusade.

My familiarity with The Children’s Crusade began in the summer of 2019 when I met Field McConnell. Field McConnell asked me during a live interview if I would serve on the Board of Directors for The Children’s Crusade. The Children’s Crusade had not been incorporated so I knew my acceptance was merely symbolic.


Back to Gerald from Canada and what he did when Field McConnell was extradited to Florida.

Mind you – I had never talked to this man from Canada in my life!

“…what do you got Tim? Oh shit yeah you got $750,000 you raised using Abel Danger deceiving Field McConnell and lying to him every god damn day making phone numbers and doing all kinds of things to deceive the guy,” Gerald from Canada said.

“…you little fuckhead. And you raised about $750,000 from people who actually cared and they didn’t go buy corn flakes that week Tim and they didn’t get salary or medication because they are sending money to you who got Field McConnell all twisted up somehow and I don’t know how that happened but were going to get to the bottom of that you little asshole cuz were out here trying to do something to save children,” Gerald from Canada said.

I had/have no earthly idea what this psycho was talking about, but I immediately suspected he was probably about to be in a lot of trouble regarding money and was trying to find a scapegoat.

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force began to go back and investigate old videos of ABEL DANGER.

Look what we found on a video posted by ABEL DANGER on September 19, 2019.

“My team as you know which includes the wonderful and awesome Agent Leon and Agent M9M9 over in England who is a former MI5 agent and we have some other members. I wanted to talk about one of them specifically and that’s Agent Elvis from Las Vegas. I did a program with you last November where we – where I gave you the model for The Children’s Crusade. And we originally called it The Children’s Army and then I was called off to service in another organization so I could no longer function with ABEL DANGER – and I just wanted to point out I saw some jerk-offs on the internet that were making allegations about The Children’s Army being shut down and posting documents from 1990 or something like that. And I just wanted to make a couple of things clear. The Children’s Crusade was, was, was formed officially on December 6, 2018. And I’ve watched how things have evolved. And I’ve watched the push to eradicate child trafficking and pedophilia from the planet as a result of the efforts of The Children’s Crusade. And one of the greatest honors of my life was that 20 minutes after The Children’s Crusade launched General Michael Flynn reached out to me as you know. And as well at that time we asked for certain changes in the federal legislation in the United States and I hadn’t had a chance to thank President Trump for changing the law. And I wanted to thank him for that,” Gerald from Canada said.

Were people sending donations to The Children’s Crusade since December 6, 2018???

Where did that money go???

Holy shit!

UPDATE / March 4, 2020 

Today, Gerald from Canada (ex-convict that has served time in prison for fraud) made a statement under the You Tube video he published on March 1, 2020 called  ‘Tim Home$afe Talks About Laundering Money of Abel Danger Audience’.

“There are some issues with this money and the connect to my design. I wish a tabulation of amounts for Canadian authorities should they require same,” Gerald from Canada.

There are/is NO (i.e. zero dollars and zero cents) money that has ever passed from the “Abel Danger” audience to Timothy Charles Holmseth. Furthermore, there is NO money that has ever been routed to Timothy Charles Holmseth in any way from the “Abel Danger” audience.

Furthermore, Timothy Charles Holmseth has never received any money from The Children’s Crusade.

Records don’t lie.

Records won’t lie.

We live the age of digital transfers of currency and funds – there is a record of everything.

Have fun explaining your bullshit and lies to tax authorities and law enforcement Gerald.


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