Canadian who claims $68 Billion evidence of EPSTEIN bank transfer commits FEDERAL OFFENSE in Field McConnell case – ex-con sends ‘plea bargain model’ to McConnell’s lawyer! – asks McConnell to file false report to FBI to gain his freedom!

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 3, 2020 at 3:43 P.M.

The Canadian ex-con that used names DONALD TRUMP, GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN, and JEFFREY EPSTEIN, in what appears to be a con he ran on the public to obtain donations to an anti-pedophile/anti-child trafficking organization he created in December of 2018 called The Children’s Crusade, has committed a brand-new federal offense.

Agent Margaritaville (ex-con/convicted felon/fraud)

The Canadian man known as Agent Margaritaville on You Tube (real name is Gerald) who claims to have evidence of a Jeffrey Epstein $68 Billion money transfer to Toronto Union Bank announced today that he created a ‘plea bargain model’ and sent it to Field McConnell’s lawyer in Florida.

Gerald from Canada said his ‘plea model’ is comprised of six conditions.

“Field will walk if he agrees to 6 requests. #6 is that he press charges via the F.B.I. for the crimes committed by Tim and his friend RandyQ and those who defrauded people via international wire means,” Gerald from Canada said today on You Tube.

Gerald from Canada is not believed to be a lawyer and has no standing in the McConnell case, yet, has interjected himself into the prosecution of McConnell by the State of Florida.

Of course – common sense will tell you why he is doing what he is doing.

You can learn about the fraud Gerald from Canada apparently committed with The Children’s Crusade here – – –

Gerald from Canada says Timothy Charles Holmseth is going to be sexually assaulted in prison as result of the “Plea model’ he sent to a lawyer named Howard. “He’s going to be a prison bitch though, so your Task Force might want to “know all and see all” in the email I sent to Howard this morning with the Plea deal model for him to present to the prosecution,” he said.

McConnell’s attorney may be Howard Sohn, Florida.

Gerald from Canada openly admits he has been to prison for fraud.

Evidence exists and shows there has been a meeting of the minds between Gerald from Canada and others to develop this illegal and unlawful plan to violate the rights of several people in the United States.

Timothy Charles Holmseth possesses evidence which includes multiple emails authored by Gerald from Canada that reveal WHO Gerald he has been conspiring with.

Gerald from Canada claims to possess over 200,000 files that implicate high-level government officials in sex crimes against children.


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  1. Attorney Howard Sohn, which is Fields McConnells’ Attorney has already been alerted by certain folks about whats going on. So, outside characters you are being watched. All electronic means can be retrieved if necessary even if its scrubbed.

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