Forensic investigator poses questions to accuser claiming $750,000 wire fraud against The Children’s Crusade

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 5, 2020 at 2:13 P.M.

The bizarre Canadian who claims to possess child sex abuse files on high-level government officials and evidence on Jeffrey Epstein, and, who has interjected himself into the case of imprisoned U.S. Marine Field McConnell, may have a hard time explaining the wild claims he began making against others after McConnell was extradited to Florida.

Gerald Brummell, Canada, known as Agent Margaritaville on You Tube, a guest of McConnell on the ABEL DANGER program, has accused Timothy Charles Holmseth (me) of using his model for The Children’s Crusade to make $750,000.

It’s absurd (and highly suspicious) Brummell tried to claim I created The Children’s Crusade.

Here’s why.

Brummell said during a live show with Field McConnell that he (Brummell) originally formed The Children’s Crusade in December, 2018.

And then there’s this.

Field McConnell said he (McConnell) created The Children’s Crusade. “My wife and I created and lead THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE,” McConnell said in an email  on October 9, 2019.

Timothy Holmseth (this writer) had nothing to do with it.

In fact…

I did not even know of The Children’s Crusade in 2018. I did not know The Children’s Crusade existed until the summer of 2019 when I met Field McConnell and he told me that he and his wife created The Children’s Crusade. When I met Field McConnell he already possessed cups, hats, magnets, and T-shirts.

I have never received a penny from The Children’s Crusade.


On February 26, 2020 Gerald Brummell addressed me by name in a You Tube video. “Tim, give me the goddamn phone number or I’m going to find somebody to come and pull the phone number right out of your mouth, okay. You raised $750,000 on a model I designed that has had people risking their lives for months and months and months and months.,” Brummell said.

The ‘model’ Brummell is referring to is called The Children’s Army, which he featured in the video by having his friend Norm Traversy wear a Children’s Army shirt so he could make references to it for the camera.

“We also would like to ask Tim for the number of his Pentagon Pedophile Taskforce to discuss my teams data and also a “tax receipt” as my intellectual property was stolen and used as a vehicle for Tim and Kathy McHales $750,000+ donation,” Brummell published.

Brummell has made absolute claims of fraud against others and statements that cannot be taken back.


I recently interviewed a forensic investigator regarding the accusations made against me by Brummell.

The investigator explained that in order for Brummell to level such accusations and use monetary figures such as $750,000, he must present data regarding the business model to which he is referring.

“How did you (Gerald Brummell) get the number of $750,000?” the investigator said, posing a rhetorical question.

Gerald Brummell and Norm Traversy

The questions being rhetorically asked during a mock interrogation of Brummell just kept coming.

“Okay you got a model you set up. When did you set it up? Tell me how much it makes. How much is coming in? How much is going out? What things did you fund? What are your expenses? What is your net profit after expenses?  Give me an example of some of your expenses,” the investigator said, providing examples of questions that must be immediately answered by Brummell.

The investigator said it was odd that an organization that purports to be dedicated to saving children would be sitting around with $750,000.

“There’s a formula – an NOI (Net Operating Income). You are apparently operating at a profit because you claim you have $750,000 that was stolen,” the investigator said.

“Are you for-profit or a non-profit? Why do you have $750,000 sitting around? Where’s your office located? Where is the headquarters for The Children’s Army located? Where is the headquarters for ABEL DANGER? I want to see a lease,” the investigator said.


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