Foreigner/ex-convict has been ‘negotiating’ terms and conditions of Field McConnell’s imprisonment in what could be criminal conspiracy against McConnell

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 2, 2020 at 5:31 P.M.

Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports is reporting and confirming…

There is presently an ex-convict from Canada who is negotiating the terms and conditions of kidnapped U.S. Marine Field McConnell’s false imprisonment.

McConnell was recently extradited to Florida from Wisconsin.

The ex-convict is a man who calls himself Agent Margaritaville on You Tube and who’s real name is Gerald.

Agent Margaritaville

Gerald from Canada has been communicating and negotiating with individuals within the United States regarding McConnell. There is no indication Gerald from Canada is authorized to negotiate for McConnell or present himself as McConnell’s legal or lawful counsel.

The facts and circumstances surrounding Gerald from Canada’s communications do not appear to be in good faith and appear to support criminal conspiracy against McConnell.


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  1. There is no PPTF, Robert Horton is using stolen valor…. The Qanons are coming for you. Time to fess up….

  2. Fields lawyer has already been notified on whats going on, that I can tell you. Remember folks, his lawyer is not just any lawyer. He has worked as high as the supreme court level.

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