President Trump changes U.S. Marshal in Florida’s Middle District – search for assassinated Congressional Auditor’s court filing [ARREST WARRANTS] is on

Bradenton Police Chief Melanie Bevan to serve as U.S. Marshal for the Middle District of Florida

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on December 9, 2020 at 6:52 A.M.

Whose names are in the Arrest Warrants drafted by a Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor, who filed documents in the U.S. Court in Florida’s Middle District on the day before the 2020 election – and was then assassinated two weeks later?

We are reporting on the assassination of Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor Christopher E. Hallett who was murdered in his Marion County, Florida home on November 15, 2020.

On December 7, 2020 we reported BREAKING HUGE: Assassinated Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor filed documents [Arrest Warrants] in U.S. District Court on the day before 2020 election – murdered two weeks later

We reported Hallett filed documents [Arrest Warrants] in the U.S. Court in Florida’s Middle District.


We have regularly reported about a member of a Domestic Terror Group from Apopka, Florida named William K. Murtaugh who we have identified as an operative in CIA black operations with Hillary Clinton’s former security detail, and, original coup plotter against President Trump, Craig Sawyer, CEO, Veterans For Child Rescue.

Murtaugh, 70, an alleged serial killer who appears to be the person that boasted to raping and murdering six small children in a private chat log, traveled from Florida to Minnesota in September of 2020 where he said he met with Minneapolis FBI agents for four hours. During the same trip, Murtaugh physically approached U.S. Secret Service agents at a Trump rally featuring Lara Trump, to hand the agents a WANTED/REWARD poster he created and printed out for award-winning news reporter and FBI witness Timothy Charles Holmseth (who Craig Sawyer is hunting to kill).

Murtaugh (grungy in-debt retired truck driver who lives in a tin can trailer with no AC or heat), who claims he’s a fed investigating international child trafficking, poses as a news reporter on You Tube where he hosts an online show, which serves as an avenue of communications and a bullhorn for marching orders to operatives. The You Tube show is a thinly veiled meeting place for members of the network to discuss operations and targets of their terror ops. READ ABOUT THE TERROR NETWORK – EXCLUSIVE: Federal Conspiracy Case: IT’S BIGGER THAN FLYNN!

On December 8, 2020, the day after we EXCLUSIVELY published Hallett’s receipt from the federal court, Murtaugh published a video and announced he was trying to track down the documents filed by Hallett.

NOTE: Murtaugh says he spoke with the Marion County Court, although, Hallett’s documents were filed in federal court. It is not known if this was a simple mix-up on the part of Murtaugh, or, if he was actually speaking to corrupt judicial employees in Marion County. Two hours is an absurdly long time for a court clerk to sit and talk to somebody like Murtaugh (a.k.a. Filthy Murt).

In a two-hour conversation with the Marion County Court the other day they haven’t been able to find the papers either. Yes, there’s paperwork filed by Chris Hallett but they haven’t determined where it’s been filed and what the reason is behind the filing,” Murtaugh said.

On December 12, 2020 President Trump nominated a new U.S. Marshal in Florida’s Middle District.

Bradenton Police Chief Melanie Bevan to serve as U.S. Marshal for the Middle District of Florida

The Hernando Sun reported:


President Trump has nominated Bradenton Police Chief Melanie Bevan to serve as U.S. Marshal for the Middle District of Florida.  Her predecessor William Benedict Berger Sr. was appointed by President Obama in 2010. 

U.S. Marshals are the enforcement arm of the federal courts.  Marshals are appointed by the President for four-year terms. There is one U.S. Marshal for each federal judicial district (94) and they oversee the activities of their respective district.  There are around 3,570 deputy U.S. Marshals and criminal investigators conducting the day to day operations of the agency. Some responsibilities include protecting the federal judiciary, apprehending federal fugitives, managing and selling seized assets acquired by criminals through illegal activities, housing and transporting federal prisoners and operating the Witness Security Program, according to the U.S. Marshal Service.



Christopher E. Hallett, 50, was shot dead in his Marion County, Florida home on November 15, 2020.

Based upon eyewitness accounts of Shannon Mutter-Tanis, the only adult at the scene when law enforcement arrived, Neely Petrie-Blanchard was promptly arrested the next day and charged with 2nd Degree Murder.

Court records show Blanchard has pled “Not Guilty” and is being held with no bail.

During the course of our preliminary journalistic investigation we discovered and published the following:

  • Shannon Mutter-Tanis claimed she could not get through to 911 for seven minutes, because, she said, her cell phone was from out of State
  • Tanis was NOT tested for gunpowder residue
  • Tanis refused to give law enforcement her phone and was allowed to keep it
  • Tanis was placed in the back of a squad car but refused to let the officer shut the door because, she said, she was already cooperating – and the officers complied with Tanis
  • Blanchard’s arrest in Georgia was coordinated by two deputy brothers – one was a deputy in Florida, and one was a deputy in Georgia – they coordinated with their telephones to locate Blanchard at a gas station in Georgia and arrest her
  • Records show Hallett was working with Congress and the highest levels of government (President Donald J. Trump) regarding emoluments violations that lead to international child trafficking
Shannon Mutter-Tanis


On September 2, 2020 we published EXCLUSIVE: Federal Conspiracy Case: IT’S BIGGER THAN FLYNN!

The following is snippet from that report.


There is a case developing involving an active Domestic Terror Group that is so huge and completely disturbing, the Flynn case seemingly pales in comparison.

It involves DELTA FORCE and CIA operations on U.S. soil.




These documents are EVIDENCE that will lead to the IDENTITY of the ASSASSIN(S) of Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor Christopher E. Hallett

DEVELOPING: Victim of Florida shooting dubbed the ‘QANON Murder’ by media was a “Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor” working on matters of NATIONAL SECURITY!

BREAKING UPDATE: Eyewitness who placed Neely Petrie-Blanchard standing over murdered Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor Chris Hallett with a gun – was NOT tested for gunpowder residue by investigators

BREAKING UPDATE: Eyewitness at murder scene of Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor says she could not connect to 911

BREAKING UPDATE: Eyewitness to Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor’s murder REFUSED to give detectives her cellphone (and was able to keep it)

Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor Assassination cover-up collapsing: BIZARRE claims that U.S. Secret Service once hunted down the accused murderer

HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS: GA Deputy and FL Deputy who are BROTHERS coordinate ‘ARREST’ of ‘MURDER SUSPECT’ in Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor shooting via PRIVATE PHONE CALLS!

Retired truck driver in Florida claims to be FBI investigator – says he “predicted” Hallett murder – announces from his trailer home “Neely Blanchard” is “cooperating”



BREAKING HUGE: Assassinated Congressional Oversight Defense Contractor filed documents [Arrest Warrants] in U.S. District Court on the day before 2020 election – murdered two weeks later

Congressional Oversight Auditor Murder: Was evidence PLANTED in accused murderer Neely Blanchard’s car?

UPDATE: NXIVM cult linked to Congressional Oversight Auditor Assassination


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